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What is the Memorial Foundation Fund?

The South Iron Memorial Foundation Fund was established by concerned citizens to meet the needs of students who have financial difficulties. The Board of Education was requested to sponsor and supervise the fund, which they voted to do on December 2, 1985.

Purposes of the Fund

1. Honor those men and women who gave their lives in the military service of the United States in the cause of freedom and to stimulate in youth a greater dedication to the preservation of this freedom

2. Motivate, encourage, and help young people to continue their education in order to better compete in an increasingly complex society.


The sole source of the funds are donations from individuals, businesses, organizations, or proceeds from fund raising activities. Many individuals have made regular donations to the fund since its inception in 1985. Four people have been appointed, with rotating membership, as a Steering Committee to encourage donations to the Fund.

To make a contribution, send your donation along with your name and address to:

The South Iron Memorial Foundation Fund

210 School Street, Annapolis, MO 63620

Call 573-598-4241 for more information


The fund is organized so that the donation itself is never used. Only the interest or income from the donation is actually spent. The fund thus provides a way that a donation to the fund will keep helping young people perpetually since the donations are invested and produce income each year.

Levels of Giving

$25,000 & over - Olympian Member

$5,000 $24,999 - Benefactor Member

$1,000 to $4,999 - Sustaining Member

$500 to $999 - Patron Member

$100 to $499 - Support Member

$25 to $99 - Supreme Sacrifice Book

These levels of contribution are recognized with a plaque for donations over $500. Support members receive a certificate, and Supreme Sacrifice members are recognized with a complimentary edition of that publication.

How are we doing?

Since its inception in 1985, the fund has grown to a total of $131,629.04. Through your generosity, $1,936.00 was donated to the fund during the past year's fund drive. Interest to date in the fund has provided $36,843.00 in scholarships to 134 students, ranging from $100 to $1600 each. In addition, $3,477.00 has funded special needs of students. The principal will always remain in the endowment fund earning interest for future scholarships and special needs.

The Memorial Foundation Fund is an asset owned and managed by the community. The fund has increased to a total of $131,629.04 ($120,597.05 in principal and $11,031.99 in interest. It has helped students over the past several years. Donations in any amount are welcome. Many people contribute to the fund each year. Donations are tax deductible.

What better way to be remembered, or to remember a loved one that to become part of this community effort to help our young people in their educational efforts, and at the same time honor our servicemen who died in the service of our country. Remember, only the interest from your donation is used, 100% of your donation is invested.

"The Supreme Sacrifice"

"The Supreme Sacrifice" is a publication designed to honor those individuals from the South Iron School District who died while in military service to their country. It is a token of the gratitude of the community for those who made the Supreme Sacrifice for all of us. They are:


C.E. Callison, Benjamin Lewis


Andrew Adams, Ples. G King


James W. Talley


Jesse C. Cox, Eddie Jackson, Tom Keathly, Jr, Horace King, Marvin Lewis, William R. Lewis

R. Otis Montgomery, L.G. Moyer, Harold E. Seal, Carl A. Sutton, Homer D. Wadlow, W.J. Warncke, Jr.


Robert A. Firebaugh, Edward Stevens

To make a contribution, send your donation along with your name and address to:

The South Iron Memorial Foundation Fund

210 School Street, Annapolis, MO 63620


Call 573-598-4241 for more information