Remote Learning TECH Tips for Families

1. You will want to conserve bandwidth for education purposes

  • Shut off or disconnect all devices from your home wi-fi not needed for student classwork or parents/guardians working from home

  • This includes phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, or any devices connected to your wi-fi

2. Conserve your monthly data for educational use

  • limit the use of satellite and/or hotspot data for purposes not related to classwork

  • limit the use of social media, streaming video such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.

3. To speed up Google Meet response

  • Turn off the camera (if the instructor will allow) and use audio only

4. To make Google Applications such as Classroom, Meet, Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. more responsive

  • Close all tabs except those necessary for the learning taking place at any given moment

  • Any additional tabs open on Chromebooks will use more bandwidth

  • Close unneeded open tabs on other devices not in use or being used for work-from-home parents/guardians

5. Place your Internet modem and router in locations that maximize strength and distance of your connection

  • Make sure your internet modem and router are out in the open, off the ground and in a central location.

  • Many common household devices and appliances can affect Wi-Fi performance. Keep your wireless router away from items such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, gaming system remotes, baby monitors, etc.

6. Effectively use wi-fi resources by plugging pcs, laptops, or other devices that will accept an ethernet (Internet) cable directly into the router instead of using them on your wi-fi